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December 16, 2009


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This is another critical point in fasting. You can ruin most of your achievement, if you subject your body to a food shock. Your sub-conscious mind may not believe you the next time you fast. Without realising it, you may train it to expect a shock, rather than work spontaneously and purify itself with maximum efficiency.

Your body is now pure. Your mind developed in many directions. Treat them both with care and attention.

In the first day of breaking the fast,

start by eating small quantities of liquid food. Try to treat your body as that of a newly born baby.

Eating one spoon of natural yoghurt (no flavours !!!) is a good start. Include fresh fruit, but chew it very intensely. Eat very small quantities (baby size), but do so quite frequently, every hour or two for example. Squeezing fresh fruit juices and nectars will provide you with an excellent food. Continue drinking at least 2-3 litres of water. You may add honey to the (lukewarm) water if you wish.

Some experiences felt on the first day can be quite memorable. After fasting, you are very sensitive and your instincts are very sharp. Not only you will find food to taste differently. To your surprise you may discover some ordinary food like bread to be more toxic than others (natural yoghurt for example), especially if you take it as your first bit of food after fasting. The sensation after swallowing the first bite of such food can be compared to the one you experience after having an alcoholic drink. The major difference is that such a sensation lasts only a few seconds.

Do not eat anything in the evening. Drink water, with honey if you like.

In the second day of breaking fast,

Eat little, mostly in a liquid form. Cooked oats, semolina and other cereals, natural yoghurts are OK. Eat fruits several times a day. Drink at least 2-3 litres of pure water. Do not eat meat, fish or eggs.


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