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December 16, 2009

Google Earth Sheds Light on Dafur

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After working with the UNCF to give excelling Black students tution assistance, and partnering with African nations to bring free communications tools to those in need, Google has definitely been bringing the power to the people. In the Big G’s latest move, it’s using Google Earth to shed light on the atrocities in Dafur.

In conjunction with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the search giant has added several high-resolution satellite images to Google Earth which map out locations where the four year carnage has waged uncontrollably. To date, over 200,000 people have been slaughtered, and nearly 3 million have been displaced from their homes.

There was time when I believed that the U.S. shouldn’t play super-cop to the world – and to some degree, I retain that position – but after observing this waste of a war in Iraq, our troops could be much better used by helping to stop what our government has deemed a god-damned genocide. Can’t we help “spread freedom” to an area that doesn’t happen to be sitting on the black gold? – Jay Wilson


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Herbal Cure for AIDS Tried in Gambia

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With the HIV virus running rampant through many African nations, the brothers from the motherland have decided to look beyond traditional medical treatments in favor of a more holistic approach; an approach that is said to be curing AIDS patients. From The Sac Observer:

A second country is turning to herbs and spices as a cure for the AIDS virus.

Gambia, following in the footsteps of South Africa, is trying out the remedy, developed by Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, in one hospital.

Beet root, garlic and other natural foods were once promoted by South African Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang over antiretroviral drugs — a position that shocked western and other medical professionals. Some 5.5 million people there are infected with the virus.

President Jammeh said the treatment was revealed to him by his ancestors in a dream.

Health officials fear the president’s claims will bring false hope to the nation’s more than 20,000 HIV/AIDS patients and may cause patients to stop taking AVRs that have been proven to prolong life and improve quality of living.

Gambian Health Minister Tamsim Mbowe defended the herbal cure.

“I can swear, 100 percent, that this herbal medication His Excellency is using is working. It has the potency to treat and cure patients infected with the HIV-virus,” he told CNN.

Meanwhile, Minister Tshabalala-Msimang is recovering from a liver transplant after a diagnosis of auto-immune hepatitis.

In addition, the BBC News has reported that crocodile blood has been shown to kill the HIV virus, so turning an eye to Mother Earth may be the source of the cure – provided that one isn’t current be withheld from general consumption. – Jay Wilson


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Cat-Sized African Rats Invade Florida

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As someone that commutes to work daily via New York City’s subway system, I’ve grown accustomed to seeing rats both of the human and rodent variety. It’s the latter that creeps me out the least as rats of that variety just scurry about on the tracks, looking for a quick meal or drink. Can’t hate on someone for feeding his face. But if NYC was over-run by the rats that are currently putting the fear of Jebus into Floridians, I may change my outlook.

In the town of Grass Key, rats from the far away land of Gambia have begun to wreck shop. The African rats, which can grow to the 6 to 9 pounds-the size of a cat!-have begun to multiply after being allowed to escape into the wild by an exotic animal breeder. The Gambian rats have raised concern that their influx into the Grass Key ecosystem will disrupt the environmental balance-no shit! If a nine pound rat came waltzing through my living room, more than fear would be raised. First, it would be my skirt, as I would scream like a woman and leap upon the nearest table. Then it would be my cell phone, as I call my mommy for comfort. Just keepin’ it real, folks. – Jay Wilson


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Beyond Rape: Horrors in the Congo

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Remember Rapex, that anti-rape device that made the rounds a few months back to safeguard South African women from sexual predators? While I’m all for women protecting their holiest of holies, I was a bit hesitant the device would do more harm than good, as an enraged rapist may resort to murder once his Mr. Happy was trapped within the device. Well, it looks like the item would be of some use, but not in South Africa.

Women in the Congo are currently facing horrendous acts of violence at the hands of butchers, some of which were involved in the Rwanada massacres of the mid-’90s. CNN reports:

“Women are gang-raped, often in front of their families and communities. In numerous cases, male relatives are forced at gun point to rape their own daughters, mothers or sisters,” she said. After rape, many women were shot or stabbed in the genital area, and survivors told Erturk that while held as slaves by the gangs they had been forced to eat excrement or the flesh of their murdered relatives. Women who have been raped are systematically rejected by their families and society.

Although the Democratic Republic of the Congo outlawed sexual violence last year, rapists still have free reign – especially those who work for the state. While I’m all for nations having their own autonomy, I’m also big believer in swooping in and delivering ass-whoppings when the watchmen fall corrupt. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? – Jay Wilson

Is the World Ready for the United States…of Africa?


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Is the World Ready for the United States…of Africa?

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This week, several African state leaders gathered in Accra, Ghana to pow wow, butt heads, and chat it up about what could be the most vital happening to the continent since Europeans came a-marchin’ in and dividing the motherland up: the formation of The United States of Africa.

While the majority of African Union summit members agree that unification is of utmost financial importance, most believe it should be a gradual merging. But a smaller group led by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi (aka the former pain in America’s ass) wants unification, and they want unification now. It won’t be easy, critics say, as language differences and years of strife, massacres, and violent government upheavals.

After the jump, expanded deets on the grand plan. Power to the mofo’n people. – Jay Wilson


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