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December 16, 2009

George Bush Wants to Give $30 Billion to AIDS-infected African Nations

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What do you do when your approval ratings are in the crapper and a nation grows tired of your mad quest to plunder the Middle East for black gold fight for Iraqi freedom? You give lots and lots of dough to sick Africans to cover your corrupt ass.

That’s right whole Dubya’s using the ol’ deflection tactic to cool off some of the heat coming his way. Junior asked Congress for $30 billion to help combat the scourge of Africa and his wife, Laura, plans to tour several countries to see their AIDS programs in action. Okay, I’ll leave the politics out of this and simply say that I welcome the assistance as over 40 million Africans are living with HIV – 40 million! – but I don’t like the abstinence-only push from American officials; it’s impractical to ask a large population of humans to deny one of the very things that constitutes living. How about some condom programs up in the motherland? I think everyone can get with that (except for those crazy ass Catholics). – Jay Wilson


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