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December 16, 2009

Herobuilders: Create Your Own Action Figures

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When I was young’un on the come up, I was a Steve Martin (n. poor, Black child). My moms worked her ass off at college as well as held down several jobs just to make sure that her boy led a semi-decent life. I had clothes on my back, food to eat, and the occasional book to read, but in my pre-teen eyes I lacked the true essentials: lots and lots of action figures.

While my friends could engage in colossal inter-cartoon wars that pitted He-Man vs. Transformers vs. G.I. Joe vs. Bionic Six, I barely had enough troops for an intra-mural. I hated everything because of it, as I was twelve, superficial, and easily bored.

Fast forward 21 years. Although I have no desire to play with toys, I’ve found this site intriguing. Herobuilders enables creative types to customize their own action figures, whether from mixing and matching the company’s parts and clothing, or creating a new build based off photo; you can even give ‘em the ability to talk. It’s like playing god, only much, much cooler. I think some Supernegro action figures are in order. What would you guys and gals conjure up? – Jay Wilson


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