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December 16, 2009

Is the World Ready for a Bald Ms.Universe?

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Is this the face of the world’s most beautiful woman? Bright eyes, a pretty smile, and slim figure are attractive on an almost universal scale. But Flaviana Matata, who is entering the Miss Universe pageant representing Tanzania, is daring to challenge the norm by rockin’ the baldy. A ballsy move, I must say. While I utterly despise contests of this ilk, which are basically just well spit-shined T+A displays, I’ll be keeping a close eye on Flaviana’s progress. By totally ditching the European aesthetic of long flowing hair for, well, no hair at all, Flaviana is surely placing herself at a “disadvantage”, but it’ll be interesting to see how far she can ride the pony.

Assuming that she has all the right stuff to make it as a finalist, do you think that her Kojak will keep her back? – Jay Wilson


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