Is the World Ready for the United States…of Africa?

This week, several African state leaders gathered in Accra, Ghana to pow wow, butt heads, and chat it up about what could be the most vital happening to the continent since Europeans came a-marchin’ in and dividing the motherland up: the formation of The United States of Africa.

While the majority of African Union summit members agree that unification is of utmost financial importance, most believe it should be a gradual merging. But a smaller group led by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi (aka the former pain in America’s ass) wants unification, and they want unification now. It won’t be easy, critics say, as language differences and years of strife, massacres, and violent government upheavals.

After the jump, expanded deets on the grand plan. Power to the mofo’n people. – Jay Wilson


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