One of the difficulties about being depressed, irritable or angry at school is that, so often, you’re not the only one. We know from Dr Dalton’s researches that groups of females who spend a lot of time together seem to trigger one another’s periods off, so that some of them have periods within one or two days of each other. If you and your particular group of friends have that effect on one another, many of you could be suffering from the miseries at the same time. And if that’s so, it’s very likely that far from helping one another you’ll actually be making one another worse. The rows or the blues can be really prodigious when you’re all out of balance at the same time.

What’s to be done about it? One way of coping is to work out when your aching miseries are due and then spend more time with other people who aren’t off-balance and a lot less with your particular friends on those days when you’re all at risk. Failing that, you and your friends could make a pact (when you were all safely through the miseries and happy again) that whatever any of you said before your periods the rest would ignore, and that no decision made at the time would be taken seriously and could be reversed a fortnight later anyway. If you are all learning how to relax together and noticing from your charts that the time when you’re off-balance is getting shorter and shorter month by month, the whole thing will get easier as you go along anyway.

Another rotten thing about periods is that as well as being able to trigger one another, you can also trigger yourself off, even though it’s certainly not intentional and you often don’t want to at all. If you are in an emotional state, because you have just split up with your boyfriend, for example, or you have had a row with your mother, your body may react to your emotions by starting a period whether it’s due or not. This is really adding insult to injury, because you probably feel bad enough already without that.


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