This technique also applies to people who dissociate first and become frightened by the altered state. ‘What’s happening to me. Here it comes again. I’m going insane’. We can stop the escalation into anxiety and panic simply by being aware. ‘I’m dissociating.’ I’ve just gone into a trance state’. When we acknowledge what is happening to us, without letting our thoughts race out of control, we can break the dissociated state very easily, simply by breaking our stare, by blinking our eyes a few times. When our thoughts race away with how terrible the dissociated state is, our fear will not only hold us in the altered state, but will create even more symptoms.

Taking back the power: letting go

The second stage involves letting go of our thoughts. It is not the avoidance of thoughts by trying to distract ourselves in some way, that only creates further anxiety. As in meditation, the secret of the letting-go process is not the avoidance or annihilation of our thoughts. It is the letting go of our thoughts. When we are aware of how our thoughts create our symptoms, we see we have a choice. If we keep on the rollercoaster we know where we are going to end up. Anxiety and panic.

Don’t fight the thoughts. Don’t try to stop the thoughts or try to avoid them. Validate the thoughts by naming them, ‘anxiety’ thought, ‘panic’ thought, ‘depressive’ thought, ‘mental abuse’ thought, ‘negative’ thought, ‘guilt’ thought and then let them go, which means we don’t concentrate on them, we stop them by letting them go. This is the hard part. As soon as we let go of one thought, another is there to take its place. We let go of that and another comes.

This is where we need to have a lot of discipline. Remember, we are learning a new skill and it is going to take time and patience. In essence, what we are doing is learning to gain control over our thoughts and in doing so take back the power from the disorder. With practice, we become caught up in the letting-go process instead of becoming caught up in our thoughts.


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