The first step in learning to control our thinking is to be aware of what is actually taking place. To do this we can draw from the meditation technique, although with this exercise we will not be meditating. Part of meditation is becoming aware of when we get caught up in our thoughts. We can extend this by becoming aware of what we are thinking throughout the day and evening.

Part of us needs to stand back and observe the whole process. All we need to do at this stage is to observe our thoughts. Don’t analyse them or interfere with them. Just watch them as they come tumbling in. Then bring the awareness to the body. Watch how our body responds to our thoughts and how in turn our thoughts respond to the symptoms. It isn’t the symptoms which create the fear. The way we think creates the fear, which creates the symptoms, which creates further thoughts, which creates further fear and the cycle continues.

Nor do we need to be thinking about the disorder or symptoms. Whatever we are thinking about is usually negative, the mental abuse, ‘I’m stupid, weak, hopeless’; the negative internal conversations; guilt; what we should have done, or shouldn’t have done. The overall result is the same-anxiety and attacks. When we see this relationship, we begin to see through the fear.

We need to become aware of the whole process of our thinking and our physical reaction to our thinking. We need to see how they build upon each other and create our symptoms.

If I ask people what they were thinking about before their last attack, they usually say that they weren’t thinking of anything. This is not so. They were thinking, they just weren’t aware of their thoughts. Asking the same question of people who feel continually anxious brings the same reply. They also are not aware.

We need to be aware of the relationship between our thoughts and our symptoms. When we see the relationship we will

understand why there is nothing to fear. The anxiety and the panic are a response to our thinking. We are simply frightening ourselves. Nothing more.


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