South African Rapists: Say Goodbye to Your Little Friend

One has to wonder about a society that has need for an anti-rape device. South African women can now guard their holiests of holies from hyper-aggressive penises with Rapex, a device that’s inserted into the vaginal to literally cockblock, well, cocks. Rapex has 25 teeth that penetrate a rapist’s head and shaft which cause a tremendous amount of pain in the attacker’s nether-regions and gives the victim vital seconds to make an escape. In addition, once the teeth have clamped into a rapist’s penis, it can only be removed by a physician, thus proving that the guy was up to no good.

Although I personally applaud the device, I see two potential problems. If some sick fuck is hellbent on raping a woman, slicing up his Mr. Happy is going to result in a dead body. Plus, women suspecting their loves of cheating on them may use the device in a twisted form of payback. Granted, that may be my own personal biases against scandalous women coming into play, but still.

So if you’re a South African female and need to guard your woo-hah, Rapex will enter mass production in China starting next month (for an undisclosed price). – Jay Wilson


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