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Ugandan Women Are Now Free to Cheat On Their Husbands

Being a female in the motherland certainly ain’t easy, but it becoming less painful. Not only are South African women poised to strike back against rapists,Ugandan women can now commit wanton acts of adultery without being hauled into jail.

The Ugandan Constitutional Court changed Section 154 of the Penal Code which allowed married men to freely place their penises into any willing female hole without consequence, but in a blatant display of sexism, tossed fines at women (or threw them into prison for up to a year) for extra-martial relations. Now women are just as free to wreck marriages as men – oh joy!

While I’m all for playing fair, this is ridiculous. The Penal Code should have been balanced by making it okay to fine and imprison men for cheating, not giving women equal rights to scandalous activities. Family values anyone? – Jay Wilson


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