Warts are caused by a virus. There are different types of warts. The most common are the small warts children get on their hands and sometimes feet. Many a child has suffered the agonies of a trip to the hospital to burn the warts off. Naturopathic remedies work just as well.

Usually these warts last 3 to 6 months and are found on the fingers near the nails. They are infectious and other children can easily catch them. The best treatment is thuja taken internally as a tincture or thuja extract applied to the wart twice daily until it disappears. Echinacea can be taken internally. The white sap of the dandelion flower can also be applied to the wart twice daily until it disappears.

Beware of caustic lotions which burn the surrounding skin and sometimes cause the warts to spread. These will burn the face and the genital areas.

Plantar warts need specialist attention as they grow larger and become intensely painful. They may disappear spontaneously after a few months or last for a number of years. The base of the wart is embedded in the soles of the feet, or toes and may be single or multiple. They are firm and round with a rough surface. If this is cut off, dark spots can be seen —blood vessels supplying the wart.

The person suffering with plantar warts should wear socks and slippers around the house and have their own bath towel and bath mat. If the individual is an athletic person, plastic socks can be purchased for use in the communal shower room or in the swimming pools.

Genital warts are sexually transmitted. They can be visible around the labia of a woman or the penis of a man, or they can be inside the vagina. They look like cauliflower growths and can irritate the sufferer. Any sign of infection should be treated as quickly as possible. They are highly contagious and are related to incidence of cervical cancer in women. They have been related to cancer of the throat in cases where oral sex has taken place with an infected person over a long period of time.


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