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December 16, 2009

George Bush Wants to Give $30 Billion to AIDS-infected African Nations

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What do you do when your approval ratings are in the crapper and a nation grows tired of your mad quest to plunder the Middle East for black gold fight for Iraqi freedom? You give lots and lots of dough to sick Africans to cover your corrupt ass.

That’s right whole Dubya’s using the ol’ deflection tactic to cool off some of the heat coming his way. Junior asked Congress for $30 billion to help combat the scourge of Africa and his wife, Laura, plans to tour several countries to see their AIDS programs in action. Okay, I’ll leave the politics out of this and simply say that I welcome the assistance as over 40 million Africans are living with HIV – 40 million! – but I don’t like the abstinence-only push from American officials; it’s impractical to ask a large population of humans to deny one of the very things that constitutes living. How about some condom programs up in the motherland? I think everyone can get with that (except for those crazy ass Catholics). – Jay Wilson


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Is the World Ready for a Bald Ms.Universe?

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Is this the face of the world’s most beautiful woman? Bright eyes, a pretty smile, and slim figure are attractive on an almost universal scale. But Flaviana Matata, who is entering the Miss Universe pageant representing Tanzania, is daring to challenge the norm by rockin’ the baldy. A ballsy move, I must say. While I utterly despise contests of this ilk, which are basically just well spit-shined T+A displays, I’ll be keeping a close eye on Flaviana’s progress. By totally ditching the European aesthetic of long flowing hair for, well, no hair at all, Flaviana is surely placing herself at a “disadvantage”, but it’ll be interesting to see how far she can ride the pony.

Assuming that she has all the right stuff to make it as a finalist, do you think that her Kojak will keep her back? – Jay Wilson


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Herobuilders: Create Your Own Action Figures

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When I was young’un on the come up, I was a Steve Martin (n. poor, Black child). My moms worked her ass off at college as well as held down several jobs just to make sure that her boy led a semi-decent life. I had clothes on my back, food to eat, and the occasional book to read, but in my pre-teen eyes I lacked the true essentials: lots and lots of action figures.

While my friends could engage in colossal inter-cartoon wars that pitted He-Man vs. Transformers vs. G.I. Joe vs. Bionic Six, I barely had enough troops for an intra-mural. I hated everything because of it, as I was twelve, superficial, and easily bored.

Fast forward 21 years. Although I have no desire to play with toys, I’ve found this site intriguing. Herobuilders enables creative types to customize their own action figures, whether from mixing and matching the company’s parts and clothing, or creating a new build based off photo; you can even give ‘em the ability to talk. It’s like playing god, only much, much cooler. I think some Supernegro action figures are in order. What would you guys and gals conjure up? – Jay Wilson


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Black Friday: Dorothy Dandridge

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Occupation: actress

Childhood: Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Dorothy Dandridge began a show business career at a young age. Dandridge’s mother, Ruby Dandridge, was an actress. Early on she urged her two daughters’, Dorothy and Vivian, to pursue careers in entertainment.

In the 1930s, Dandridge and her sister began performing in a song and dance act under the name, “The Wonder Children.” After dropping out of high school in the late 1930s, Dandridge, Vivian, and Etta James formed a group called the Dandridge Sisters. They performed in such places as the Cotton Club.


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The Weekend Linkage

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Like movies? Like Black people? Like Black people IN movies? Check out The Invisible Woman, a blogger who drops her two cents-sometimes even three!-on Afro-cinema. Hmmm, I wonder her take on the the Black remake of The Big Chill?

With the impending release of The Simpsons Movie,Blogzarro lists the 101 Greatest Simpsons Quotes of All-Time.

Not having a television keeps me out of the media loop, which, depending on the circumstance, can be infinite bliss or a crime against myself. The latter was definitely the case when Valkor of The Other View mentioned that he reviewed the DOA movie. Yes, the one based on the Tecmo videogame. Did Hollywood keep the bouncy?

Joey from Straight Bangin’ is hop hop historian. As such, when he lists the best and worst songs from the first half of ‘07, it’s worth a gander. Besides, Craig Mack came back. Craig Mack.


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Shout Out!: Did You Pick Up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

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Friday evening, the girlfriend and I braved the manic roves of geeks prowling Manhattan in order to land the last entry in J.K. Rowling’s fantasy series. We crashed a book store party – which, when geeks are involved, consists of an electronica mix tape playing in the background and a “magic drink” that tasted suspiciously like the mother of all weenie drinks, Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Two hours later, the clock struck twelve and the book officially went on sale. The lil lady grabbed her copy and we hightailed it back to the land of normalcy – Brooklyn.

So, dear readers, did you cop the Pot as soon as it became available? Or are you doing to wait it out a bit? Or do you not give a damn? – Jay Wilson


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The Noisettes Rock Coney Island Siren Music Festival 2007

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As someone that’s thoroughly repulsed by today’s mainstream music, it’s like an early Christmas every summer when the Village Voice’s Siren Music Festival sets Coney Island aflame. The Siren Music Festival, for those outside of the tristate area, is a celebration of indie music from the alternative to the hippity to the hop to the classic rock. Stages are constructed at the base of two boardwalk ramps where thousands gather to hear the free tunes. Generally, the music is superb, although indie scene novices such as myself need a program to remember most of the obscure names (although The Donnas performed in 2002 and The Dirtbombs in 2003).

So the prodigal son returned to the home of the Mermaid Parade and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest to take in the seaside sounds. While the Twilight Sad and Dr. Dog rocked their respective sets, it was The Noisettes – a British rock trio – that renewed my faith in music. Fronted by the spunky, bass-playing Shingai Shoniwa (best described as a Black, pre-ghetto Gwen Stefani circa the Tragic Kingdom album), the band played a fun, lively set that was simultaneously ass-shake worthy and featured the best elements of what makes a good rock song: wicked guitar work, thumping bass, and a drummer that played so furiously that he ran off the stage to relieve his stomach of its contents. John Bonham be damned!

After the jump, more photos of The Noisettes laying the rock down on southern Brooklyn. – Jay Wilson


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Google Brings Free Communications to African Nations

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Earlier this year, Google teamed with the United Negro College Fund to assist young brothers and sister interested in the sciences in pursuing their dreams. Now Google is taking its spirit of giving to the mother land. Read about the company’s plans for Kenya and Rwanda after the jump.


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South African Rapists: Say Goodbye to Your Little Friend

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One has to wonder about a society that has need for an anti-rape device. South African women can now guard their holiests of holies from hyper-aggressive penises with Rapex, a device that’s inserted into the vaginal to literally cockblock, well, cocks. Rapex has 25 teeth that penetrate a rapist’s head and shaft which cause a tremendous amount of pain in the attacker’s nether-regions and gives the victim vital seconds to make an escape. In addition, once the teeth have clamped into a rapist’s penis, it can only be removed by a physician, thus proving that the guy was up to no good.

Although I personally applaud the device, I see two potential problems. If some sick fuck is hellbent on raping a woman, slicing up his Mr. Happy is going to result in a dead body. Plus, women suspecting their loves of cheating on them may use the device in a twisted form of payback. Granted, that may be my own personal biases against scandalous women coming into play, but still.

So if you’re a South African female and need to guard your woo-hah, Rapex will enter mass production in China starting next month (for an undisclosed price). – Jay Wilson


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Ugandan Women Are Now Free to Cheat On Their Husbands

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Being a female in the motherland certainly ain’t easy, but it becoming less painful. Not only are South African women poised to strike back against rapists,Ugandan women can now commit wanton acts of adultery without being hauled into jail.

The Ugandan Constitutional Court changed Section 154 of the Penal Code which allowed married men to freely place their penises into any willing female hole without consequence, but in a blatant display of sexism, tossed fines at women (or threw them into prison for up to a year) for extra-martial relations. Now women are just as free to wreck marriages as men – oh joy!

While I’m all for playing fair, this is ridiculous. The Penal Code should have been balanced by making it okay to fine and imprison men for cheating, not giving women equal rights to scandalous activities. Family values anyone? – Jay Wilson


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