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December 16, 2009


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Minerals are also considered extremely important in the treatment of arthritis. Disturbance in the body’s mineral metabolism is usually indicated in arthritis. Therefore, the restoration of proper mineral balance in the tissues is imperative for effective and fast recovery.

Various mineral supplements are used by different practitioners. For the United States, the mineral supplements most useful and easily available would be kelp and bone meal. Recommended doses are about five kelp and five bone meal tablets each day. Both also could be obtained in powder form and taken in a dosage of about one teaspoon of each a day. Kelp is especially beneficial for arthritis sufferers. It could be used as a salt replacement in the seasoning of salads and other foods.

In Japan, where kelp (seaweed) is used extensively as an important part of the daily diet, arthritis is virtually nonexistent.

Other Supplements

The following food supplements, in addition to the ones mentioned above, are used and recommended by most biologically oriented practitioners:

Brewer’s yeast (or food yeast) about 3 tbsp. a day.

Note: never use yeast intended for baking! Cod liver oil, plain, not fortified—1 tsp. a day. Raw wheat germ—3 to 5 tbsp. a day. Wheat germ oil—1 tbsp. a day. Lecithin (granules or liquid)—1 tbsp. a day. Whey, tablets or powder (for better intestinal hygiene).

In addition, such natural foods as honey, soybeans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, raw nuts, yogurt, black molasses, and cold-pressed vegetable oils should be used liberally to make a diet well balanced and nutritious.

Parenthetically, for best effect and full biological value, all vitamins and minerals and other food supplements should always be taken with meals. Because many vitamins are water soluble, and taken in large doses could be readily lost in urine, it is advisable that the daily dose should be evenly divided between three meals, rather than everything taken with one single meal.


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