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December 16, 2009

the official handbook

Filed under: gear — admin @ 12:41 pm is the official handbook of all things undoubtedly super (and Negro). Be it cool gear, gadgets, music, movies, or the latest happenings on Capitol Hill and beyond, we deliver need-to-know news and entertainment to content-hungry online urbanites who are looking for an expression of Blackness that moves beyond the thug imagery. Updated daily.

About Team Supernegro

Supernegro is the brainchild of Jeffrey Wilson, pen wielder, gadget lover, and hardcore skateboard poser. His hobbies include kicking all sorts of ass in 2D SNK fighters, alternate history, debunking his geekiness (despite proudly accepting the label “sexy geeky” that was given him by not one, but two interns), expounding on the greatness that is Brooklyn, and hating on the Unholy Trio that are trust-fund babies, elitists, and metrosexuals – all things that he’s been called by others (that are print-worthy). A graduate of the “The Poor Man’s Harvard”, Brooklyn College, his worldplay has been featured in various national glossies.

What Others Are Saying About Supernegro

“I fortuitously discovered Supernegro about a week back, and after digging around its archives for a few days have been very impressed with both the quantity and quality of its content…Even though I am not, you know, black, Jay still presents issues relevant to both black culture and the nation in general in an upfront, down-to-earth style missing from most discussions about these same topics nowadays.” -BXR-Dubya

Want to Contribute to Supernegro?

All that you have to do is e-mail HNIC Jay Wilson with a story idea, a Q & A (he’s big on Q & A’s), or a review/writeup/whatevs that fits into the overarching theme of the site. While we can’t offer pay at this time, you’ll be compensated with FREE STUFF. Doesn’t get much better than that…not counting actual pay, that is.


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